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From: The Thing in the Crypt

Is it the sorrow-spiders themselves that are laying eggs in the eyes? Is it something even worse? Someone is going to have to find out. You, specifically.

Game Instructions: Warning: Be sure you're ready to face whatever it is that's down there. You won't be able to leave until you or it are dead. You won't have an opportunity to change outfits, so prepare yourself for a Dangerous endeavour.

Unlocked with 100 x Cryptic Clue, 200 x Foxfire Candle Stub, 20 x Flask of Abominable Salts


The spider-council

You return to the chapel's crypt, and this time the spiders on duty let you pass as you make it clear you are staying away from their eye-eggs. You wander down sticky, webbed tunnels that extend much farther than the old crypt. […]

Description summary:
At last you find the spider-council in a huge hall like a ruined temple. It is an abominable monster like an amalgamation of several large sorrow-spiders. Smaller spiders bustle about, serving it eyeballs to lay eggs in. It speaks, complimenting your charming eyes...

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