You zail to feel alive

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From: Desire and the Zee

There is nothing like the looming spectre of a watery grave to make one appreciate one's life.


Memento Mori

The little girl nods, solemn, as if you have said something true and profound. "[…] It's knowin' the end is comin' that gives stories meaning." The Prophets shriek a thousand names above. "You could help us with those endings. If you wanted. […]"

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  • Zailing corsairsforestsmall.png What answers does this little urchin hold? (Sets Lessons in Mourning to 4 - Seek answers at the very top of the Mourn)
  • Waves3small.png You zail to feel alive – fie to the devil, and seize the day. (Sets A Zailor's Heart to 4 - You zail to feel alive – fie to the devil, and seize the day!)

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