Your Daughter, Returned (Helicon House)

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From: Alone, or with a companion?

Action Cost: 0

Your time together is so often awkward. Perhaps in this environment, things might be easier?

Game Instructions: Attending with this companion will decrease your Scandal and Nightmares.

Unlocked with Your Daughter, Returned


Family resemblance

She does take after you. The other guests immediately know the two of you belong together. It is a kind of proxy for being family again, in a small way, very briefly.
  • Envelopesmall.png You have brought your Daughter, Returned. An opportunity for her to grow more comfortable in the Neath? (Sets Helicon House Companion to 130 - Your Daughter, Returned)
  • Sidebarnightmaressmall.png Nightmares is dropping… (-3 CP)
  • Sidebarscandalsmall.png Scandal is dropping… (-3 CP)

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