"Get away from him!"

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From: The Missionary and the Firebrand: after the Nadir

Grab her shoulder: pull her away. Help him to his feet.

Game Instructions: This will make the Firebrand your Companion.


Across the rubble

[…]The Firebrand raises himself[…] "[…]Knowledge of the Nadir's location will be worth something. […]You should get what you can for it."

[…]"Be careful with him," she says ambiguously. She leaves without ceremony[…]

Description summary:
The Missionary says that she wasn't going to hurt the Firebrand. The Firebrand reaffirms the agreement - you may sell the knowledge of the Nadir's location, for he doesn't intend to sell it. The Missionary calmly tells you to be careful, and leaves.

[This ends the Firebrand and Missionary's story. Later you'll be able to make the Firebrand a companion or Spouse. For now you may sell the Nadir's location and renter it when your Irrigo fades.]

[Find the rest of the story at https://www.fallenlondon.com]