Intimate with a Revolutionary Firebrand

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A very reserved gentleman.

You will need to have at least 5 renown with the Revolutionaries to encounter him.

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Unlocked with


Level 1[edit]

Storylet Option Challenge Success Failure
The Revolutionary Firebrand's Card Send your own card by return 42  4 x Inkling of Identity
Do nothing 45  45 x Nodule of Deep Amber

Level 4[edit]

Storylet Option Challenge Success Failure
Revolution and the Firebrand Invite him to your lodgings 60  30 x Cryptic Clue -1 CP 
Engineer an invitation to his lodgings 62  31 x Cryptic Clue -1 CP 
Ask a Revolutionary to recommend you 5 x Stolen Correspondence
  • -1 CP 
  • +1 CP 
Your deeds will speak for themselves Plotting against the Masters 2 N/A

Level 5[edit]

Storylet Option Challenge Success Failure
Debating with the Revolutionary Firebrand Start an argument with him 50  25 x Cryptic Clue +1 CP 

Level 6-8[edit]

Storylet Option Challenge Success Failure
Break through the Revolutionary Firebrand's reserve Suggest a walk in Tyrant's Gardens 55  1 x Phosphorescent Scarab -1 CP 
Dinner in Spite 58 
  • -1 CP 
  • +1 CP 

Level 9[edit]

Storylet Option Challenge Success Failure
Plumb the Firebrand's secrets Allow him to play the hero 80  1 x Collection of Curiosities -1 CP 
Volunteer for a part in his plans 100  + 1  -1 CP 

Level 10[edit]

Level 11[edit]

Level 12[edit]

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Level 20[edit]

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Level 40[edit]