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From: A Grubby Inquiry

Somehow, word has got around that you held this rank on the Surface. Since your encounter with the spider-council, people down here have begun to call you by it, too.

Unlocked with Implication.png 1 x Extraordinary Implication, Scaryeye.png 25 x Tale of Terror!!, Spiderflorence.png Arachnologist 3



"A spider-council? Why would you even...? No, I don't need to know, Sarge. I'll make sure people know." The urchin departs muttering: "Spiders? 'Ate 'em. Bl___y 'ate 'em."

Success Instructions: If you wish to choose a different title, or to swap to a new title once you have unlocked it, you will find the option on 'The Roof-Tops: Urchins' Opportunity Card.