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How do they speak to you?

This can be changed via the Roof-Tops: Urchins Opportunity Card.

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Unlocked with

Your Papers5.png Addressed as: quality will change how other characters in Fallen London refer to you in story text. In this Wiki, the string "[gendertitle]" is often used to denote the place where the game dynamically inserts your title.

Some titles also have informal variants, used by characters who don't speak properly (often Urchins).


Always Available[edit]

1: Sir
2: Madam
3: Citizen
4: Deacon
5: Lieutenant
6: Private
7: Doctor
8: Lady
9: Lord
13: Si-, er, Mad-, er, yes

Unlocked by Story Progress[edit]

10: Captain
11: Professor
15: Sergeant
42: Director
45: Excellency

Unlocked by Banknotes.png Profession[edit]

20: Silverer
21: Licentiate
22: Correspondent
23: Monster-Hunter
24: Advocate
25: Canon

Unlocked by FATE-Locked Stories[edit]

40: Bishop

Unlocked by Ambitions[edit]

41: Lyon
44: Regent

Unlocked during one-off event[edit]

43: Preserver