'He is too kind.'

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From: A letter from the Comtessa's Father

'It is more than I deserve, though I have suffered monstrously of late. I have hardly begun to expiate the looming mountain of my sins...'


'Alone on the quay, I look south. I fancy I can see the distant lights of London, although I know that is impossible. It will be sea-wisps, or jellyfish, or the other glamorous terrors of the zee. Soon I will be home. I am almost afraid of the idea.'
  • Sidebarscandalsmall.png Scandal is dropping… (-2 CP)
  • Sidebarnightmaressmall.png Nightmares is increasing… (+1 CP, up to level 4)
  • Quirkausteresmall.png Austere is increasing… (+3 CP, up to level 10)
  • Quirkheartlesssmall.png Heartless is dropping… (-3 CP)