'There are many steps to climb in this place...'

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From: Burial of the Dead: Still Haunted by Stairs

'It strikes me that, by climbing them, as I do in my dreams, I may find something. I only hope that it will be a comfortable reckoning with the presence on the stairs, rather than something more sinister...'


Something astonishing

' […] from up here, the Colony looks quite, quite different. The buildings glow under a golden light that is utterly alien to the Neath! And […] almost as good as new! In the distance, the Grand Sanatoria stood out in detail and vivid colour.' […]

Description summary:
Perhaps you are going mad, or perhaps there is something to the tomb-colony that makes it look different when looked at from a literally different perspective. Either way, you intend to seek out the reason behind this.

[Find the rest of the story at https://www.fallenlondon.com]

Success Instructions: You will find branches on some of the storylets here that will allow you to confront the disturbing dreams you have been suffering from.