(A Book Scrawled in Blood)

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From: Visit the Incandescent Bookseller

Description summary:
This action's title and description vary based on the Placeholder Bookseller Airs.

0 - ?Fighting Techniques of the Elder ContinentIt juts out from a shelf at an angle, challenging all comers.
? - ??An Accounting of the Life & Death of Mr Herod Paine of HartfordThe printer's mark is unfamiliar – American, perhaps.
?? - ???McCannon's Primer on Naval TacticsThe revised second edition, of course, not the first printing with the dangerously flawed instruction on loading cannon.

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Game Instructions: This will increase your Dangerous.

Unlocked with A Name Scrawled in Blood 4

Locked with Base Dangerous 111



Description summary:
The success description varies based on the Placeholder Bookseller Airs.

0 - ?Much [...] is spent on the warriors of Caution, but there are many more chapters, as varied as the Elder Continent itself: the organization [...] of the Presbyter's army. A detailed account of a glacially slow duel in Cline. [...] the killing methods of tigers.
? - ??The narrative within is [...] an expedition to the Arctic. There, Mr Herod Paine and his valet [...] find a cavern that leads to [...] the 'Below' – a cavity beneath the Earth ruled by the survivors of a long-lost civilizations, complete with fanciful talking animals [...]
?? - ???McCannon is antiquated, and still trapped in nostalgic dreams of Surface blue-water naval action. But his chapter on discipline – advice on keeping a crew together in the face of mortal danger – is a timeless classic.

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Success Instructions: Another visit to the bookshop will be possible in a week's time.