A Bedraggled, Bejeweled Collar

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From: The Wreckers' Cove

Something bright and gleaming catches your eye from the back of the Cove. A wide band of red leather, studded with iridescent jewels in deep hues.

Unlocked with Steal.png Picking Through the Wreckers' Cove 14, Viscountess.png The Viscountess at the Fruits of the Zee exactly 7

Locked with Gleam.png Viscount's Bejewelled Collar


The Viscount's Joy

[…] The leather is scarred and torn […]

The Hooded Woman wrinkles a nose. "Reeks worse than the zee, that does. Something unnatural about it. But it's your business. I am not the hinterferin' sort." She glowers at you as though daring you to disagree.

Description summary:
The collar has seen better days, but it looks like it was opulent once.

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