A Cloud-filled Sphere

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From: Mr Mirrors' Marquee

The ball is slightly smaller than a human head and emits a gentle, cool light. There is no obvious source of power. It labelled as 'an example of Rubbery Art'.

Game Instructions: The Cloud-filled Sphere is a Home Comfort which raises Watchful and the Shapeling Arts.

Unlocked with Declaim.png You have pledged your support to - The Tentacled Entrepreneur

Locked with Moon.png Cloud-filled Sphere


Wrong footed

The soothing glow. The pockmark face. […]

[…] The sphere is of an amber so pale it is glass-like. Inside, a viscous fluid shifts […]

"They say it's the Entrepreneur's own work. It's called: 'Yearning'. Well, actually, I can't pronounce its title[…]"

Description summary:
The sphere resembles the moon, which brings up memories of nights on the Surface in those who remember life top-side. However, the resemblance is actually superficial; the thing is an amber artifact, filled with viscous stuff. It's supposedly made by the Tentacled Entrepreneur himself, called 'Yearning' as an approximation of the original title.

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