A Concealable Deck of Tarot Cards (action)

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From: Mr Mirrors' Marquee of Mystification (fate)

Miniature, and easily slipped within a glove or a mitten for quick consultation when confused, lost or looking to avoid an awkward or tedious conversation.

Game Instructions: The Deck of Tarot Cards is Shadowy and Dreaded.

Unlocked with Declaim.png You have pledged your support to - Madame Shoshana

Locked with Tarot.png 1 x The Neathy Tarot, Featuring all 77 of the Major Arcana


Obscure purposes

The cards are modelled on Madame Shoshana's own deck[…] The cards shuffle as easily as spreading warm butter over soft white bread.[…]

With the deck, you were also given a pair of gloves. The each hand has a slot where you may conceal half the deck.

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