A Corinthian Belfry Hat (action)

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From: Mr Mirrors' Marquee of Mystification

An innocuous felt hat, heavy with concealed mirrors. It's debatable whether the Implacable Detective would ever wear one, but her campaign would like you to.

Game Instructions: The Corinthian Belfry Hat is Shadowy and Bizarre.

Unlocked with Declaim.png You have pledged your support to - The Implacable Detective - Sentinel of London

Locked with Hatbelfry.png Corinthian Belfry Hat


Through a mirror darkly

Several detectives are trying on the belfrys for size.[…]

With the mirrors all folded away, the hat is inconspicuous and surprisingly fashionable. A label behind a tiny hand mirror reads: 'A Gift from the Honourable Company of Stereoscopists.'

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