A Dream of a Mask

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You dream once more of the ballroom. […] you are staring into one of the masked guests; in the dream, they seem to outshine their ornate surroundings. The more you try to look away, the more you sink into those eyes lurking behind a spherical mask.

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Unlocked with Northern Wind 2

Wiki note: This card is part of one of the four Zee-Dreams ( Northern Wind, Southern Wind, Eastern Wind, and Delighted). Behind the scenes each of the dreams only contains one card, but they are displayed as separate on the wiki for convenience. This means they have the same ID, and you can only have one card of each dream-story in your hand; which card depends on your level of the progress tracker ( Betwixt Us and the Sun, I Shot the Albatross, Upon a Painted Sea, and Rosy Colours Leaping on the Wall).

Card drawn in Fallen London

Occurs with Frequent Frequency (twice as common as Standard)

Can not be discarded except by effects clearing your hand.


Open your mouth
Awaken from a familiar dream