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Opportunity cards drawn in London. Some of these cards only appear in a certain area. You'll have to draw cards in their respective areas if you want them to appear.

Bazaarsmall.png Bazaar Side-streets[edit]

Ladybonessmall.png Ladybones Road[edit]

Lodgingssmall.png Your Lodgings[edit]

Mahoganyhallsmall.png Mahogany Hall[edit]

Carnivalsmall.png Mrs Plenty's Carnival[edit]

Spitesmall.png Spite[edit]

Flitsmall.png The Flit[edit]

Shutteredpalacesmall.png The Shuttered Palace[edit]

Universitysmall.png The University[edit]

Veilgardensmall.png Veilgarden[edit]

Watchmakershillsmall.png Watchmaker's Hill[edit]

Wilmotsendsmall.png Wilmot's End[edit]

Wolfstacksmall.png Wolfstack Docks[edit]


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