A Faceted Decanter of Drownie Effluvia 2

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For festival history, see Fruits of the Zee Festival (historical).

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From: The Wreckers' Cove


Game Instructions: Equipped in your Weapon slot, the Effluvia increases your Shadowy and Watchful.

Unlocked with Steal.png Picking Through the Wreckers' Cove 14-16

Locked with Bubbles.png 1 x A Faceted Decanter of Drownie Effluvia


Pearlescent foam

"Drownie tears," says the Hooded Woman […] "It's said that in Dahut, they weep when they sing. And the tears form bubbles of this stuff: Aqua Lachrymosae." She wrinkles her nose. "Sounds unhygienic, to me."

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