A Gemstone to Shame Rajahs

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You've been hearing rumours from Spite about a gemstone. A huge thing, the size of a heifer.

Unlocked with Hour before the Deadline 2-12

Locked with Ambition: Light Fingers!

Card drawn in Fallen London

Occurs with Frequent Frequency (twice as common as Standard)


Interview a friend who likes jewellery
  •  Spoiler 
    Your friend needs Ambition: Light Fingers!


    When Sent

    Waiting in vein You've sent an idle reporter into the fog to fetch your friend. How could they refuse you?

    Your friend will receive: Placeholder2small.png [Friend] wants to interview you about the giant jewel, for their newspaper.

    Once Accepted

    You will receive:

    What interesting snippets you've learned from [Friend]!

    Your friend will receive:

    Envelopesmall.png You are in print! [Friend] will surely put a good spin on your views about the giant jewel.