A Kitchen for Artists/Tables

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This table is shared by both a branch in the Kitchen and a card in the Hinterlands.

Current Culinary Concoction Title Description
1 Sharply Flavoured Pickle, As Yet Unpoisoned Sharply flavoured pickle of onion and other vegetables, suitable as a condiment in all sorts of applications. Its vinegary potency would hide almost any poison.
5 Jet-Black Pickle Relish Dosed with Hillchanger Scorpion Venom Bread. Boiled egg. And a deep brown, heavily spiced pickle relish, blackly gleaming with the most discriminating of poisons.
7 Envenomed Pickles Suspended in Venison Aspic, Dosed with Mr Spices' Private Drug Artistically-arranged segments of bone, each filled with quivering gelatin encasing a treasure of Neathy pickles.
20 An Enticing Fungal Pâté Chopped mushroom in three kinds, mixed with venison marrow and pressed into a mould, then served with a garnish of boiled egg and something that looks a bit green.
23 A Platter of Mixed Charcuterie Chunky slices of cured sausage. Wafers of ham, from which almost all the tinny after-taste has been successfully abstracted. Rich potted marrow.
25 A Tower of Fungal Pâté Flambé An architectural folly sculpted out of fungal pâté, encrusted with sautéd mushrooms, covered in absinthe and set alight. Purple-blue flames jump up from the edible bonfire, and hopefully not onto a tablecloth.
50 Vibrantly Peppery Fish Broth A deep-hued peppery fish broth studded with fresh (not canned!) peppercaps. A dish to warm the ribcage from the inside.
53 Caducean Zzoup, with Gunpowder and Sickly Rose A furious Zzoup that resents the time the Devils wandered in Parabola, and resents Hell, and resents the Brass Embassy. Every bite explodes with concentrated fury.
55 Shark Bouillabaisse with Croutons Hot enough to scar, with a faint resinous aftertaste; garnished with teeth.
57 Culinary Tribute to the Sea of Spines Salty and savoury, it tastes of things that were good for you when you were a far simpler creature.
100 Dark-Dewed Cherry Liqueur A shade lighter than port, smelling of the Elder Continent, served in a thistle-shaped glass.
103 Sparkling Solacefruit Royale Deep pinkish-red, swiftly bubbling. In a glass, it sounds like distant laughter. It dispels fear and anaesthetises before a change.
105 Solacefruit Champagne Sorbet Deep pinkish-red, swiftly bubbling. In a glass, it sounds like distant laughter. It dispels fear and anaesthetises before a change.
200 Self-Reflective Tapenade of Parabolan Orange-Apple A chunky relish of chopped fruit and Concentrate of Self. It would pair well with meat or fungus; it will inevitably call you to mind. Unwise to serve to ex-lovers.
203 Sour Pickle of Parabolan Orange-Apple and Vinegar Sour and spice-brown, but with segments of orange-apple still clearly distinct in the mixture. It is a very strong and self-assured flavour.
206 Orange-Apple Jam spiked with Muscaria Brandy Almost black in colour, tasting like a flash of spice and then a numbing absence. You have trained yourself sufficiently to eat it without danger. Someone else would find the preparation fatal.
209 Marmalade of Parabolan Orange-Apple, Honey, and Roseate Attar A perfumed composition that speaks of pale orange evenings and a palm fronds. Best served in cosmogone lamp-light.
300 Curatorial Cocktail It is sweet and sour, with a spike of overwhelming bitterness that comes up about half a second through tasting, and does not linger. They will never truly appreciate this.
400 Parabolan Taper-nut Cake A round yellow cake made for one, filled with candied taper-nut paste and decorated with hatched white icing. A treat, neither decadent nor dainty.