A Lucky Claw (30 Estival Tokens)

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From: F.F. Gebrandt's Hall of Recent History

Supposedly pulled from the Viscountess of the Viric Jungle herself, in the terrible battle of the Smoking Shore. There are rather a lot of them available, it must be said.

Game Instructions: The 'Lucky' Claw is a Glove which raises Persuasive and Glasswork.

Unlocked with 30 x Estival Tokens

Locked with 'Lucky' Claw


A memento of the Viscountess

[…] "Careful; it is very sharp," […] "Though any cut it inflicts won't seep blood."

The claw, according to the card on the plinth, was meant to signal how willing the Viscountess of the Viric Jungle was to fight those things that lurk in the Is-Not […]

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