Summer festivals

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There have been several summer (during the month of July) festivals in Fallen London, all of which shared some common items.

For a comparison of items available to purchase with Estival Token, see Summer festivals/Item Overview.


Main article: Election (historical), 2016 - 2020
The Election festival involved players electing a Mayor of London from a set of three candidates selected by Failbetter Games. It ran from 2016 to 2020, and was permanently retired in 2021 due to a variety of reasons.

Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out[edit]

Main article: Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out (historical), 2021
Announced in 2021 as a one shot replacement for the Election festival, it involved players digging up parts of London, and then dealing with the fallout of said digging.

F.F. Gebrandt's Prelapsarian Exhibition[edit]

Main Article: F.F. Gebrandt's Prelapsarian Exhibition (historical), F.F. Gebrandt's Prelapsarian Exhibition (Guide)
The 2022 summer event involved players contributing to a museum of Palaeontology. It involved similar mechanics to the Grand Clearing-Out, and featured a new currency, the Estival Token, which will be used in future summer events.


Estival has been announced as the 2023 summer event, with brand new content and a return of previous items[1]