A Meeting in a White Parlour

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Description summary:
The description changes as the story advances.

Visiting ClineDescription
4The house is unremarkable among its fellows […] like another tooth crammed into a crowded mouth. But the vague directions you received from the […] Club seem to match its location. And there, on the windowsill: a stone carved in the shape of an apple.
5 - 6[…] Scratches on the wooden floor indicate that the room wasn't always so empty: the other furniture must have been dragged away hastily. Only the long table […] remains. On it: the calcified shell that you came here to obtain. And, conspicuously, a knife.
7[…] the other furniture must have been dragged away hastily.

Only the long table with the white cloth remains. […] The Shrouded Man sits expectantly, his sheet pulled down around his midsection to reveal the fresh specimen on his back.

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Unlocked with Visiting Cline 4-7

Storylet appears in Cline


Knock on the door
Speak with the Shrouded Man
Enquire about the 'fresher specimen'
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Look for the fresh shell's attachment point
Ask why he wants the shell removed
Take the white shell on the table

Take the knife and cut (Without Chirurgical Touch)
Perform the extraction, skilfully (With Chirurgical Touch)