A Newt by Any Other Name

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This can’t be happening! Lord P______ is the most scandalous man in London, and his diamond newt has found its way into your hands! Do you know what he does with this newt? Even the mildest rumours could destroy your reputation by association!

But you have a plan to save your good name. You’ll have to recruit a few criminal accomplices, break into Lord P______'s townhouse, and put the newt back where it belongs – without anyone learning you ever touched it. Prepare to embark on a heist like none other.

This is a FATE-locked story.

Author: Chandler Groover
Artist: Erion Makuo
Editing and QA: James Chew, Luke van den Barselaar

It was originally published as an Exceptional Story in January 2024.

The story can be unlocked from The Fate page for 45 FATE points.
It can be reset for 25 FATE points.

More information can be found here.

Notable Rewards and Tie-ins

Starting Storylet