A Nocturnal Rhapsody

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From: Your poem is complete!

You will write of all the terrible glories of the Neath, deep and dark and marvellous.

Unlocked with Desk.png Identified with a School: The Nocturnals

Wiki note: This branch is only visible after being Restored to Court; the actual unlock check is at the parent storylet


A kindlier night

Your poem apparently only causes a minor ripple. […]

One day, however, you pass by Lady S______ and the Earl of B___w […] You skulk behind the curtains to hear more. […] They're quoting you! It soon becomes apparent your work has been quite the sensation […]

Description summary:
At first, you think no one cares about your poem, and the lack of discussion about it in London drives you mad. Then you discover your poem actually was a hit; it's discussed quietly across London.

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