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Fallen London has its own artistic movements. Perhaps you ignore them, but they don't ignore you.

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Unlocked with

You can change the value of this quality at The Singing Mandrake.


  • 1: The Nocturnals, radicals who relish the freedom from traditional forms - and moralities - that the darkness of the Neath permits
  • 2: The Bazaarines, both venal and visionary, who find inspiration in the engine of commerce and mystery that is the Bazaar
  • 3: The Celestials, nostalgic, romantic, often religious, who write passionately of the Surface
  • 4: The Mycologenes, persecuted devotees of the Blemmigan Poets and their passionate, fungal aesthetic
  • 5: The Terpsichoreans, foolhardy few who learn an infernal language of dance
  • 100: You reject all labels and associations! You are your own creature