A Pentecost Ape

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This content is only available during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose!

For feast history, see Feast of the Exceptional Rose (historical).

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From: An Encounter at the Feast

You stare as your Malevolent Monkey pours a cup of tea, stirs in three sugars and taps the spoon delicately […] you've seen those precise actions performed a hundred times. Back on the surface, by someone you never thought to see again.

Description summary:
You find that your Malevolent Monkey have a rather familiar tea drinking habit.

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Game Instructions: The Pentecost Ape is Watchful, Dangerous and Bizarre.

Unlocked with Adoration.png 10 x Masquing, Monkey.png 1 x Malevolent Monkey

Locked with Pentecostape.png 1 x Pentecost Ape


The Empire of Hands

The Devastating Zoologist conducts a thorough examination of your monkey. […]

"A Pentecost Ape! […] They extract or otherwise accumulate […] It normally manifests […] odd, though, isn't it, that a familiar soul should have found […]

Description summary:
The Devastating Zoologist confirms that you have a Pentecost Ape. It seems to have something from a soul that you have known before.

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