An Encounter at the Feast

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This content is only available during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose!

For feast history, see Feast of the Exceptional Rose (historical).

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Your carousing has drawn attention.... or perhaps, behind the scenes, a mysterious woman in a lilac dress has made arrangements. How will you take advantage?

Game Instructions: Spend Masquing to earn Companions.
Increase Masquing as high as 20 by taking part in the Feast. Increase it further by finding the Lady in Lilac in the opportunity deck and trading in notable rose-gifts from admirers.

Unlocked with 1 x Masquing, London's Season: The Feast of the Exceptional Rose is 2 (World Quality, now locked)

Wiki note: This card becomes a pinned storylet towards the end of the Feast

Occurs with Frequent Frequency (twice as common as Standard)



The briefest of encounters

Non-Fate Companions

These are companions who cost less than 30 x Masquing, which you can collect without Fate from The Feast of the Rose! card, or from trading non-Fate rose-gifts to The Lady in Lilac.

3 x Masquing:

4 x Masquing:

10 x Masquing:

20 x Masquing:

Fate Companions

These are companions who cost more than 30 x Masquing. Such high Masquing cannot be acquired without a preliminary purchase of Fate (by trading Fate rose-gifts to The Lady in Lilac), so they are considered Fate-locked content. 40 Masquing may be earned one time only with a Rusty Census-Taker's Badge, acquired via an access code from the Mask of the Rose Kickstarter.

40 x Masquing:

60 x Masquing:

80 x Masquing:

100 x Masquing: