A Political Anthem!

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From: Publish your song!

The Court likes to pretend it's above the political fray. You'll bring it to them. Subtly, of course. You don't want to get banished again.

Unlocked with Renown: Revolutionaries 5

Wiki note: This branch is only visible after being Restored to Court; the actual unlock check is at the parent storylet


And Winter's Reside Awaits Where Halved Night Holds Her Gates

Your song earns you a surprising amount of praise from unexpected quarters. […]

Most […] praise it […] You are apparently exceedingly popular in certain exclusive clubs. Some even whisper you've been brought into the Agendums of Ascent […]

Description summary:
The success of your song surprises you. Most people don't understand your song but like it. But some scorn you for your song.

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