Lump of Lamplighter Beeswax

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Economy: Luminosity
(1.00) Chrysalis Candle
(12.50) Snuffer's Gratitude
- The Sun beneath the Sea?
- Decemberist Pocketwatch
- Khaganian Lightbulb
0.01 Lump of Lamp-
lighter Beeswax
▾▾▾ 100:10 or 1000:105
0.32 | Rare: 2.50
[or 25:4 Memory]
0.10 Phosphorescent Scarab
▾▾▾ 50:10 or 500:105
0.40 | Rare: 12.50
0.50 Memory of Light
▾▾▾ 50:10
1.00 | Rare: 25.00
2.50 Mourning Candle
▾▾▾ 25:5
2.00 | Rare: 62.50
2.50 Tailfeather Brilliant as Flame
12.60 Patent Scrutinizer
12.50 Bejewelled Lens
(62.50) Eyeless Skull
▾▾▾ 5:1
2.00 | Rare: 62.50
62.50 Element of Dawn
62.50 Mountain-sherd
312.50 Ray-Drenched Cinder

For items with two conversion options, the
success given refers only to the first option.
Bulk options do not have additional benefits.

The poisons of the lamplighter bee make collecting its wax a dangerous job. The price, however, is right.

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It can be purchased from ​⁠ Merrigans Exchange and sold to the Bazaar.
Buying 0.02 (no message)
Selling 0.01 (no message)

Unfinished Business A lovely thought

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