Assortment of Khaganian Coinage

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Category: Currency (Notable Sources)
E0.25 First City Coin
E0.03 Fistful of Surface Currency
E(0.10) Rat-Shilling
E(0.50) Assortment of Khaganian Coinage
(0.50) Hinterland Scrip
125 Fourth-City Echo
E- Amber Ha'penny
E- Estival Tokens
E- Forged Justificande Coin
E(2.50) Justificande Coin
E- Mark of Credit Page
E- Memory of a Tale

Their value is standardized, but each clan mints its own: squarish coins with the face of a leopard; octagonal tokens with encircling taimen; large banknotes branded with a horse's head.

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