A Reputation of Some Importance: A Legendary Charisma

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From: Unfinished Business in Veilgarden

When you enter a room, everyone turns. When you are speaking, the room falls silent. Your rivals have been known to interrupt you, but they rarely do so twice.

Game Instructions: You may select one exceptional specialisation for your Person of Some Importance quality. This will cost five points of Notability, and is only available when your base, unmodified Persuasive is at least 200. Note that you need either a Frock or a Suit, not both! This can later be changed on the Attend to Matters of Society card in your Lodgings, for 12 Notability, or a small cost of Fate.

Unlocked with A Person of Some Importance - is: Not yet a Person of Importance or A Significant Individual, Notability 5, 1 x Parabola-Linen Frock or 1 x Parabola-Linen Suit, Base Persuasive 200


You are a Person of Legendary Charisma

Congratulations! Few indeed achieve this prominence!