A Shrine of the Deep Blue Heaven

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From: Pursuing an Archaeological Expedition

This must be the Shrine you're looking for! a white-pillared building tucked into a nook as if the Neath had tried to conceal it. What treasures wait within?

Unlocked with Archaeologist's Progress 20, An Expedition: Seeking a Shrine of the Deep Blue Heaven (Seek a shrine of the Deep Blue Heaven)

Locked with Rivals' Progress 10


A solitary trace

On the surface they sanctified one Shrine every year, on the night of the shortest day, to lure the Sun back. […] This is one of the originals, still decorated with tiles in a fine cracked blue glaze. The sky above was that colour. You remember it still[…]

Description summary:
They sanctified one Shrine per year on the night of winter solstice. They built different Shrines after the Fall, but the one you've found is one of the originals, with tiles blue as the sky. You sketch the shrine and find treasure in the form of an offering.

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Rare Success

After the Fall

[…]They kept building [shrines] after the city's Fall […] This is one of those.[…] Horses are depicted, rearing to the sun: eleven hooded figures shrink away from its rays. "We are still here," the shrine seems to say, "and we have not forgotten."[…]

Description summary:
This shrine has tiles glazed in deep, bright blue. Everything about the shrine can be described as "defiant". You sketch it and take the ugly skull on the altar.

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