Eyeless Skull

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Economy: Luminosity (Notable Sources)
E0.01 Lump of Lamp-
lighter Beeswax
▾▾▾ 100:10 or 1000:105
E 0.32 | Rare: E 2.50
[or 25:4 Memory]
E0.10 Phosphorescent Scarab
▾▾▾ 50:10 or 500:105
E 0.40 | Rare: E 12.50
25 Memory of Light
▾▾▾ 50:10
E 1.00 | Rare: E 25.00
E2.50 Mourning Candle
▾▾▾ 25:5
E 2.00 | Rare: E 62.50
E6.40 Patent Scrutinizer

E- The Sun beneath the Sea?
E- Decemberist Pocketwatch
E- Anticandle
E(0.10) Khaganian Lightbulb
E(1.00) Chrysalis Candle
E2.50 / 5 Tailfeather Brilliant as Flame
E(12.50) Snuffer's Gratitude
E12.50 Bejewelled Lens
E30.00 Eyeless Skull
▾▾▾ 5:1
E 2.00 | Rare: E 62.50
E62.50 Element of Dawn
E62.50 Mountain-sherd
E312.50 Ray-Drenched Cinder

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success given refers only to the first option.
Bulk options do not have additional benefits.

Thick plates of bone have developed over the orbits, as if to hide or protect them. They are smooth and cold to the touch.

You can sometimes find these in the Forgotten Quarter, especially by undertaking Expeditions.

One Eyeless Skull is required to seek The Cave of the Nadir, and five more or 400 Echoes are required to enter it.

Hanging on to these for longer than you need to is a bad idea, as it unlocks non-discardable cards which result in your four main attributes dropping by quite a lot (-50 CP): Forgotten Wisdoms, Forgotten Sleights, Forgotten Strengths, Forgotten Glamours. If you get rid of the skull with any of these cards in your hand, however, they will be automatically discarded.

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It can be sold at the Bazaar:

Selling E 30.00 What a horrible little thing. I'll pay you what it's worth, and no more. Are you sure you don't want to offer it to the Radical Factotum? Of course, I understand if you don't approve of his methods. Or his goals. Or his absurd cravat.
Selling E (62.50) Sell him an Eyeless Skull

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See Luminosity Grinding (Guide) for information on grinding this item.

Bone Info
Type Skull
Value 3000 
Challenge Monstrous Anatomy 6 
Note 0-5 x Nightmares

Trade your Eyeless Skulls

A certain Radical Factotum seems terribly excited.


Sell him an Eyeless Skull
A fair exchange