A Tale of Espionage!

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From: Your novel is complete!

A scintillating tale of skulduggery and spycraft on the Surface! The thrills of adventure in the chill of Vienna! Clandestine meetings in moonlight! Secrets and revelations!

Unlocked with Pawn.png Renown: The Great Game 5

Wiki note: This branch is only visible after being Restored to Court; the actual unlock check is at the parent storylet


A tangled web, woven

[…] Some youths fall into raptures over your descriptions of […] starlight […] Others moon over your hero […] A tradition begins of reading your work every February

[…] You can hear the names of your characters spoken all over Wilmot's End […]

Description summary:
Although some find your work drivel, it's a great hit with the youth — and better yet, with the Foreign Office.

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