Renown: The Great Game

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The players of the Game may not know your name or your face, but they know your reputation.

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1-3: Known to freshly-tattooed novices
4-6: Known to certain visiting Europeans
7-9: Known to the record-keepers of the Foreign Office
10-14: Known to those who can make your name be forgotten
15-24: Known to the Elder Continent's Mithdrate Office and the Khan's White-and-Golds
25-49: Known even to an old man who drinks coffee in sunny Viennese cafes
50: You are the pawn who reached D8

Faction Item[edit]

Increase this by using a Ring.png Copper Cipher Ring.

Renown Rewards[edit]

10: Newspaper.png A Subscription to the Gazette and a Whetted Pair of Scissors
25: Tattoo wheel.png The Seal of St Joshua
40: Tattoo chess.png The Great Game