A Turncoat

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You are becoming known for your uncertain loyalties.

Game Instructions: Don't let this rise beyond 3, or you may find options closed to you.

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Unlocked at Menace Level: 4

The Traitor's Feast


  1. Somewhat Untrustworthy [Your apparent change in loyalties has raised eyebrows.]
  2. Somewhat Untrustworthy [Commentators are puzzled by the true nature of your loyalties. Perhaps you are not to be trusted...]
  3. Somewhat Untrustworthy [You are becoming known as a creature of inconstant loyalties.]
  4. Beyond the Pale [You have changed sides once too often. You are not to be trusted.]

Wiki note: Anything above 4 shares the same message

Avoiding increases[edit]


A Turncoat is primarily increased by switching sides during A Boxful of Intrigue, based on whether your A Power in Waiting - quality is set to A Guardian of the Realm or The Conscience of Empire. This is initially set in the storylet The Troubles So Far: choosing Those who govern sets it to Conscience of Empire, while choosing Those who are governed sets it to Guardian of the Realm.

The only way to reduce A Turncoat is the storylet The Traitor's Feast in Spite, which unlocks at A Turncoat 4. It also requires Shadowy 120 and A Survivor of the Affair of the Box 12.

To avoid gaining A Turncoat during A Boxful of Intrigue, choose the option listed below your side on these storylets, which will also gain CP in Empire's Kingmaker:

Storylet Caperers.png A Guardian of the Realm Master2.png The Conscience of Empire
An Agent of the Masters Help cover up the sordid business Expose him to the newspapers
The Course of Love Help keep them together Keep its agents at bay
Doing the Rounds Tell them the truth Lie to them
Encryption of a Sort See that the messages arrive safely Intercept the messages
A Night of Desperate Ambushes Wade in with the neddy men Defend Spite from the neddy men
A Strong Box Tell the gentlemen in blue about any plans for robbery you hear about Tell your larcenous colleagues when the strong-box will be moved
The Unionist Join the hunt Help her escape

A Turncoat can also increase during the Family and Law story if you switch sides between the Cheery Man and the Last Constable.

Finally, it can increase in these other storylets: