A consignment of wines

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This content is only available during the Fruits of the Zee Festival!

For festival history, see Fruits of the Zee Festival (historical).

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From: The Wreckers' Cove

Action Cost: 0

You could take your pick of the choicer bottles. You better taste a few to make sure you pick the right ones.

Unlocked with Picking Through the Wreckers' Cove 10 - 16


Jusht a little tashte

[…] you make your choices. A rowdy black. Something blithe and burgundy. And this: red, rich, rampant. Hello, cheeky. What's your name? […] but for some reason the text is illegibly blurry. Shoddy label-makers.

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Rare Success


You notice the stamp of the Brass Embassy just in time and carefully replace the cork. Muscaria Brandy, destined for Hell.