A gaggle of artistic temperaments

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Individually, your performers are admirably talented. However, put them in the same room and they quarrel like hyaenas over the last gazelle.

Unlocked with Working on... a Play, a Song, a Symphony, a Ballet, an Opera or a Film, either Carving out a Reputation at Court 1-4 or Restored to the Court of Her Enduring Majesty

Wiki note: This storylet has two identical looking versions because some works are only available after first being Banished from and then being Restored to Court. The options available on this storylet do not depend on the work.

Storylet appears in The Empress' Court


Inspire them to work together
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    Challenge information

    Broad, Persuasive 103 || 71 - very chancy (41%) || 88 - chancy (51%) || 105 - modest (61%) || 122 - very modest (71%) || 140 - low-risk (81%) || 157 - straightforward (91%) || 172 - straightforward (100%)


    Enough! To rehearsals!


    A lack of inspiration