A piratical primer

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From: Matters Piratical

Life on the low zees is perilous enough already. What profit is there in this piracy business?

Game Instructions: This will give you an overview of the mechanics of piracy.


Success Instructions: Hoisting your Corsair's Colours opens up piratical opportunities at zee. It also enables you to pick a specific bounty to hunt down. These new options can be significantly more challenging than normal zailing – but also offer the chance for profit. Options in more challenging zee locales – such as the Snares and the Pillared Sea – will be significantly more challenging than those in Home Waters and Shepherd's Wash.

Opportunities to hunt down your quarry, and engage in other piratical endeavours, will appear on existing zailing cards, as well as some new ones that you might encounter on your voyages.

Sinking a bounty, and other miscellaneous acts of piracy, will reward you with Plunder. Plunder can be traded for rewards back at Gaider's Mourn – but beware! If your ship sinks before you arrive back at a safe port, you will lose some of your accumulated Plunder.