A posting with the Foreign Office

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From: Speak to the Bohemian Sculptress

"Well, don't we move in influential circles. Who was around here earlier but a Duke. My my. He said he'd be back later. Something about government work?"

Game Instructions: This will plunge you into the mysteries of the Foreign Office.

Unlocked with A Person of Some Importance - is: A Significant Individual, Persuasive 115, Banished from the Court - is: Mad, bad, dangerous to know

Locked with A Diplomat in the Making -


Government business


"I'm afraid I have a little bad news for you. There has been something of a delay in your appointment as a colonial governor. […]

[…] If you can impress them, I'm sure we can get your appointment confirmed eventually. […]"

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Success Instructions: Use your Map to travel to Wilmot's End and the Foreign Office.