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From: Investigating the Affluent Photographer

Perhaps you know some gullible sort who'll do the work for you. There won't be a need to share your findings, of course.

Game Instructions: If your friend agrees to help, you'll gain Trailing the Affluent Photographer at their expense, which will allow you to progress with her story.

Unlocked with 20 x Whispered Hint

When Sent

A matter of waiting

You have your secrets for bribery. All you need is for your 'assistant' to show up to distract the valet. They probably won't fall for this twice, so let's hope you get something good.

Your friend will receive:

Follow2small.png [Friend] wants your help investigating someone. Can you trust them to share their findings?

Once Accepted

You will receive:

[Friend] is a fine patsy. You have their case notes on the Affluent Photographer - and their enmity.

Your friend will receive:

Envelopesmall.png [Friend] has kept your case notes on the Affluent Photographer!