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This category contains all uses of Whispered Hint:

  • cards and storylets that unlock if you possess it
  • actions requiring it (the item may or may not be lost after completing these actions)
Actions that consume Whispered Hints
# of Whispered secret.png Hints Action
80 000 Lengthy Lease to Premises at the Bazaar (Door.png Penstock's Land Agency)
1 250 (+ other items) Persuade London's brightest to join you (Lightfingers.png Ambition: Light Fingers!)
1 000 (+ other items) Find your way to Mahogany Hall
1 000 (+ other items) Learn the Traditions of the Forgotten Quarter
500 Combine 500 Whispered Hints into 200 Cryptic Clues
Magnifyingglass.png Case Difficulty × 10 (340 max.?) Put together scraps of information
200 A Grubby Inquiry: "Citizen.", "Deacon.", "Doctor.", "Lady.", "Lieutenant.", "Lord.", "Madam.", "Private.", "Sir.", "Your question is unnecessary."
200 Find what happened to an Absentee Aunt
200 Rumours of treasure (Gain Toolbox.png Expedition Supplies)
100 (+20 Diamondblue.png Ostenta. Diamond) Avert what comes
100 Dangerous pastimes
100 Perhaps you already know his location
100 The Nature of Souls
77 Whisper secrets to mirrors (Demeter.png Hallowmas)
50 Early days: play it safe
50 (+50 Moonpearl.png Moon-Pearl) Enter the Clay Quarters 2
50 Gather intelligence on your target
50 Rent a room - Secrets
50 Tell them about yourself
40 Buy tickets with Whispered Hints
30 Purchase the book (Heartsdesire.png Ambition: Heart's Desire!)
20 Investigating the Affluent Photographer: A selfishness, An honest call for help
15 Valuable Secrets: Find a buyer for the information, Sell the information to the Embassy, Warn the artist
10 Challenge a friend to a Contest of Cunning
10 (+10 Moonpearl.png Moon-Pearl) Pay the urchin in secrets (Carcass.png Fruits of the Zee Festival)
10 Purchase Fourth City Rags
6 Bribe the Co-operative Doorman (Lightfingers.png Ambition: Light Fingers!)
1 Avoid
Actions that do not consume Whispered Hints
250 Making your Name: Catch a grey cat in the nave of the church of All Christs


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