Accept a Calling Card

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A would-be acquaintance has left you their calling card. Will you accept it, or send it back?

Game Instructions: If you accept the calling card of another, you will become acquaintances. This will mean you can explore more Social Actions together.

Unlocked with a redirect from an invitation to accept a calling card via Send a Calling Card, or Send a Calling Card to a possible Patron



Accept, and encourage them to call upon you soon


Accept, and send a decorative mushroom


Decline their invitation

  •  Spoiler 
    Action Cost: 0


    When Sent

    Politely declined

    In Messages Tab

    You will receive:

    • You did not accept [friend's name]'s calling card.
    • You completed Social Event: Accept a Calling Card with [Friend name]

    Your friend will receive:

    [Friend name] has refused your calling card.