Send a Calling Card to a possible Patron

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From: Seek a Patron

A small number of Fallen Londoners are skilled enough to be Patrons. Approach them politely.

Game Instructions: If they accept your card, you'll become acquainted. Consider sending a message with the card.

Locked with Social Influence 91, Acquainted With [Friend's name]

Your friend needs Social Influence < 91, no Acquainted With [your name], no Responding to a Calling Card [your name], and A Person of Some Importance - one of:

  • A Paramount Presence
  • A Shattering Force
  • A Legendary Charisma
  • An Invisible Eminence
  • An Extraordinary Mind

When Sent

A courteous approach

If they accept, perhaps they'll entertain your Patronage request.

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

You have sent [friend's name] a Calling Card, and expressed your interest in acquiring their patronage.

Your friend will receive:

You may now consider [Friend] an Acquaintance.

  • Callingcardsmall.png [Your name] has invited you to accept their Calling Card: a polite overture to other social actions! They also include a personal message, expressing their interest in acquiring your patronage.
  • Callingcardsmall.png Responding to a Calling Card [your name] (+1) (hidden)
  • Redirects to: Accept a Calling Card