Accept a reverent thanks for your labour

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From: Your Labour, and its Fruits

This is truly a sign of favour, for your good work.

Game Instructions: This will give you a Ratty Reliquary.

Unlocked with Foreman's Favour 110


Given with a blessing

[…]the rats on your work team all stop work. They queue up before the Fore-Rat, briefly breaking her duties to provide pay. You join them in the queue.


There is a box […] filled with shards of bone. She indicates that you can help yourself[…]

Description summary:
The second paragraph varies by which rat you are assisting.

Work TeamSecond paragraph of Description
The Grizzled Gaffer[…] The Grizzled Gaffer peers up at you as you accept the reliquary. "You one of the religious types, what wants to baptise us?" He shakes his head. "I don't hold with this kind of idolatry, but it makes some of the young ones happy."
The Masterly MachinistThe Machinist […] speaks so only you can hear. "Can I have a moment with it, first? Before you go?" He is indeed only a moment; you cannot hear what he murmurs with his head bowed.
The Eager Engineer"A reliquary, eh?" The Eager Engineer looks uncharacteristically serious. "Do you believe us rats are accorded grace?" She tilts her head. "Was that before we got voices and you could understand us? Actually, you don't have to answer that."

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