Accept old coins as a reward

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From: Your Labour, and its Fruits

The factory is in a deep subterranean layer of the Neath. All sorts of old currency is regularly unearthed by the rats.

Game Instructions: This will get you a couple of Fourth-City Echoes.

Unlocked with Foreman's Favour 235


An old wage

the rats on your work team all stop work. They queue up before the Fore-Rat, briefly breaking her duties to provide pay. You join your team.


There is a box […] filled with shards of bone. She indicates that you can help yourself[…]

Description summary:
The second paragraph varies by which rat you are assisting.

Work TeamSecond paragraph of Description
The Grizzled GafferThe Grizzled Gaffer twitches his whiskers […] "That brings back memories. I used to dig them up all the time, run a string through them and haul them back here." He nods at the Fore-Rat. "Her predecessor thought they'd come in handy. They might, still."
The Masterly MachinistThe Masterly Machinist holds a coin like those you were given. It takes both his hands. "Did you know – I used to use these as washers. Till she–" He nods at the Fore-Rat. "–Gave me a right talking to. I just didn't know they were valuable."
The Eager Engineer"Why are most coins round?" The Eager Engineer eyes your pay. "I mean most are, aren't they? Do they slice them off a metal sausage?" It is perhaps fortunate that she doesn't expect an answer.

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