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Accept the invitation (from Abstraction? 1 — Quiet Deviless)
Accept the invitation (from Abstraction? 2 — Affectionate Devil)
Accept the invitation (from Day 11: Mr Sacks, mutely)
Accept the invitation (from Invited to Debate)
  •  Spoiler 
    Unlocked with Requesting a Debate [friend's name]
    Locked with A Debate Partner [of anyone]
    Your friend needs no A Debate Partner [of anyone]


    When Sent

    Let the planning begin!

    Success Instructions: After your opponent has begun filling the hall with their supporters, it will be your turn to do so. After that, they will prepare an argument; once they have, you will do the same. The debate will then be held and decided.

    In Messages Tab

    You will receive:

    • You accepted [friend's name]'s invitation to a political debate.
    • You completed a Social Event: Invited to Debate with [friend's name]

    Your friend will receive: