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From: Day 11: Mr Sacks, mutely

A crimson-lacquered carriage awaits you.

Unlocked with Profession: None, Campaigner, Trickster, Journalist, Enforcer, Rat-Catcher, Watcher, Tough, Minor Poet, Pickpocket, Enquirer, Author, Murderer, Stalker, Agent, Mystic, Conjurer, Tutor, Undermanager


A rattling crimson stain

Up the carriage goes, north through Veilgarden […] Mr Sacks sits silently […]

Mr Sacks hands you a note. […]

Your rooms have been searched. The searchers have been careful, but thorough […] Nothing is broken. Nothing is untouched.

Description summary:
You went through the various locations of Fallen London with Mr. Sacks in its carriage. It hands you a note with extraordinary implications. You went back to your lodgings only to find out that it was thoroughly yet carefully searched.

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