Experiencing Strange Times: Twelve Days of Mr Sacks

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There may be as many as twelve visits... but they'll all be available by January the sixth. [If you've begun the story by that point, you'll still be able to finish.]

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Unlocked with


  1. You've received a visit from... Mr Sacks?
  2. Has Mr Sacks visited you again?
  3. Mr Sacks? Or, with that lust for diamonds, a certain other Master?
  4. You have a secret agenda in this matter.
  5. You have been visited by a Mr Sacks with an interest in dreams.
  6. Mr Sacks has visited again.
  7. Mr Sacks has asked your opinion.
  8. Mr Sacks, indeed!
  9. Something was here
  10. Mr Sacks has requested wild words.
  11. Mr Sacks has offered you a carriage-ride.
  12. Mr Sacks... is gone.