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You ask the Grizzled Guide for an accounting of your Expedition's supplies. Are you running low? Do you have enough to get back to Moulin?

[Expedition status]

Description summary:
The second paragraph will reflect the current state of your expedition, based on the ratio between your Moulin Expedition Supplies and your Moulin: Distance Traversed.

Supply to Distance RatioSecond Paragraph
0 - 90"We are entirely out of supplies," he says, monotone. "Should probably look into scrounging some. And turning back."
100 - 188"We definitely don't have enough to make our way back safely. We should turn back right away." He doesn't express alarm; but the maths of it are clear enough.
200 - 243"If we're lucky, and we take a short route, we should be able to make it back to Moulin with the supplies we have. We're cutting it close, though."
250 - 286"I'd say we have enough supplies to get back, if we're efficient about it. Running out is a possibility, though, and going further in is a risk."
300 - 340"We definitely have enough supplies to make our way back to Moulin, if we turn back now."
350 - 380"We have enough supplies to make our way back to Moulin, and a bit of a cushion besides. We could keep going further into the Waste for a bit."
400 - 480"We're well supplied enough to keep going deeper into the Waste, if we need to."
500+"We've still got a ways to go before we start running out of rope. Should be safe to keep going, deeper into the Waste."

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Unlocked with a redirect from Get a report on your supplies (exploring)

Storylet appears in Far Beyond the Cordon


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